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Locally handcrafted in Malaysia, your truly buatan Malaysia.

We go by the tagline "beauty is no longer pain". With years of shoes-making experience, we aim to deliver fashionable yet versatile pieces for your everyday wardrobe choices.

  • machino | Comfortable and fashionable footwear for women - Amira Banuri

    Amira Banuri

    Bought 5 pairs and counting! Love them all & they are super comfy - suitable for people with back pain problem 😂 Great customer service, feels like talking to a friend whom I’ve known for a long time. Also i requested for some customisation as i have long but slim feet and they could cater to it with no extra fee!! Gonna browse their Diwali collection after posting this 🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️

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  • machino | Comfortable and fashionable footwear for women - Cheryl Ng

    Cheryl Ng

    I'm loving my purchases from Machino! Love that it's a local shoe brand! The design and colour options they have are beautiful. Dem aesthetics are on point, they're also really comfy too with the padded soles! Givin' me vibes all day while wearing them. <3

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  • machino | Comfortable and fashionable footwear for women - Xyana Wong

    Xyana Wong

    Bought their Lia Seashell Flats at their Pop Up Booth in Isetan KLCC and as someone who has been cursed with flat feet, their shoes are a blessing!! Never once in my life where I was able to wear shoes like these for more than 2 hours without feeling any aching whatsoever. Maybe I could finally fulfill my dreams of having a pair of heels that doesn't kill my legs?

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  • machino | Comfortable and fashionable footwear for women - Rui Yuan

    Rui Yuan

    Knew this brand from Baydoucet and finally got myself a pair of Green Hana flats. The flats are super duper cute and comfy! Machino also helped me a lot to make sure I get the right shoe size 💞 A wonderful shopping experience! Definitely will recommend to my friends and family~

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